Recycle your Christmas tree & collect some free mulch

December 17, 2019

Decoration-free natural Christmas trees can be taken to any recycling site for composting. But if people can’t get to one of these drop off points, they can bring their tree to us.  

There will be an allocated drop off area for the trees from January 3 until 22, 2020 and we will shred them throughout January.

After the trees have been shredded, they will be composted and turned into mulch and this will be available for people to collect free of charge so that they can use it on their own gardens.

Mulch is great to use on flower beds because it suppresses weeds and it also helps during dry spells to keep the ground moist and warmer in winter.

For people who would like to collect some free mulch to use on their own gardens we are asking that they contact us direct to arrange collection.


Post by
Reg Hendy