Handy hints for dressing your Christmas tree

December 3, 2019

When it comes to dressing your Christmas tree there is an art to making it look good.

Whether you have a real or artificial tree you should always start out by fluffing out the branches to make it look as full and healthy as possible.

You should then have a think about your theme or colour scheme as this will affect your decorations. Put the lights on the tree first and make sure they are plugged in and switched on. This will help you to see the overall balance of the tree.

When placing your decorations on the tree you should start with one type of bauble and hang the decorations in a zig-zag pattern. This design will take the eye through the tree. Ensure that you keep standing back from the tree to check the overall effect and proportions.

Decorations can be grouped in threes. Bows and ribbons are affordable alternatives to use if you don’t want to buy expensive baubles.

Keep decorating until the tree is full and add special ornaments or decorations to finish things off.

If you’re using garlands or wreaths it is important to ensure the back of any artificial ones have been flattened to ensure they look as realistic as possible.

Decorated garlands and wreaths can also be displayed on mantelpieces, as the centre piece on tables or hung on doors.

Post by
Reg Hendy