Our Christmas Tree Plantation

40 acres of plantation with more than 70,000 trees

Woodland & Stream

A woodland runs the length of the plantations, either side of a stream. This area is home to a multitude of plants and wildlife, in particular lesser spotted orchids, deer and occasionally otters. The woods are classified by Somerset Wildlife as ancient woodland and delivers a wonderful annual display of bluebells. Ancient field boundaries and old stream side paths can still be seen.

Coarse Fishing Lakes 1980 - 2000

The first lake was excavated back in 1980, with the most recent in 2000. These not only allow us to irrigate the trees, but also are home to a host of aquatic, mammal and bird life, including rare water voles and kingfishers.

Tree Plantations

We started planting trees back in 1993 with 1,500 Nordman Fir, then 3,000 in 1994 and then 5,000 in 1995. We now plant approximately 7,500 per year. The majority of trees growing on our plantations are Nordman Fir but in recent years we have also planted an increasing number of Norway Spruce.

Tree Plantations 2007-2017

Each year we plant approximately 6,500 Nordman Fir and 1,000 Norway Spruce. The trees planted then run for an approximate 10-year rotation before we replant.

Tree Plantations 2011-2016

Park Field Plantation holds the most recent years’ trees. We have split plantings between our site at Middle Hill Farm and our land at Kittesford. Historically Park Field belonged to Bindon House and would have been the grounds for the country house, ringed by wrought iron railings.

Opening times for 2020

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Late Night Openings

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