A year in the life of a Christmas Tree Farmer

January to March

The first job of the year is to remove the lower branches of all Nordman Firs that have been growing for four years, that’s around 6,500 trees. This helps to create the ideal shape. In
early spring, various plants and creatures are waking from their winter dormancy, including aphids. We target problem areas with an aphid specific formula, at a time when natural predators are yet to arrive. We also go on Christmas decoration buying trips across the country. 

April to June

As the temperature rises so do the weeds, these need to be controlled. In May, the buds burst and growth starts and we get very busy. These new shoots can be very tender before they harden to become new timber and can be easily damaged. To improve the shape of the trees we snap off any unwanted new growth. We do this on around 25,000 trees each year.

July to September

In July, we need to shape our 1,000 Norway Spruce by shearing and pruning. This variety is a more vigorously growing tree so can be pruned hard. We repair and improve fencing to stop
rabbits, badgers and deer damaging the trees. We also prepare the ground, around two acres, and mark out ready for planting. This needs to be accurately marked out in straight lines to ensure for equally spaced trees. Each year we plant around 7,500 trees by hand.

October to December

We mark up all trees required for harvest and sale. They need to be farmed to prevent them impeding each other’s growth and to leave enough to become larger stock for the future. We then receive the decorations ordered earlier in the year and prepare the shop ready for the grand opening. When the sales period begins we are rushed off our feet, making festive wreaths, harvesting and selling the trees, hopefully adding a little something to your Christmas experience.

Trees - Essential for Life

Tree Plantations started in 1993

We started planting trees back in 1993 with 1,500 Nordman Fir, then 3,000 in 1994 and then 5,000 in 1995. We now plant approximately 7,500 per year. The majority of trees growing on our plantations are Nordman Fir but in recent years we have also planted an increasing number of Norway Spruce.

Tree Plantations 2007-2017

Each year we plant approximately 6,500 Nordman Fir and 1,000 Norway Spruce. The trees planted then run for an approximate 10-year rotation before we replant.

Tree Plantations 2011-2016

Park Field Plantation holds the most recent years’ trees. We have split plantings between our site at Middle Hill Farm and our land at Kittesford. Historically Park Field belonged to Bindon House and would have been the grounds for the country house, ringed by wrought iron railings.

Opening times for 2020

Coming soon! 

Late Night Openings

Coming soon for 2020!